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Cookies Fit for a Captain

USS Yorktown’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Looking to get authentic USS Yorktown cookies in-hand for Veterans Day? Try these
cookies for a cause. When you purchase Jocko’s Chocos, you support the USS Yorktown
Foundation and Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum.


Thousands of miles away, sailors of the USS Yorktown often dreamt of home, and of their mothers’ cooking. In an effort to make their journey a little bit sweeter, the ship’s bakery was tasked with crafting batches of 10,000 cookies—using 112 pounds of chocolate chips, 500 eggs, and 165 pounds of flour each time!

Now, using the Yorktown’s original recipe, you can take a bite of history and experience the sugary treat that the sailors tasted while serving our country.

A limited edition of a 1/2 dozen cookies will be available to be purchased and shipped throughout the year!