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Paletas or Popsicles~ It’s all in the name!

Paletas or ice pops are thought to have originated near Mexico City. The legend is that the Aztecs harvested ice from the Popocatépetl Volcano and mixed it with fresh fruit to keep the fruit cold and preserved for the emperor and his family. Over the years, these frozen treats have been known by many different names around the world. In the US, frozen ice pops are often referred to as popsicles or freezer pops; in the United Kingdom, India, Ireland, and South Africa ice lollies; in New Zealand ice blocks; in Australia icy poles; in the Philippines ice drops; and in the Cayman Island they are called chihiro- just to name a few. But does the name really matter? Yes! A paleta or "pop" for short, is made from fresh fruit and cream, which is different from a popsicle that is made from juice or concentrate. At Charleston Pops, we serve paletas, handcrafted from the freshest, fruit, cream, and all natural ingredients. And our "pops" are locally sourced, locally made, by locals. No matter what you call our "pops," we call them delicious! Check out Our Pops Menu for a list of all of our "pops" flavors. We also serve Cookie Pops and Pup Pops for your four-legged best friend. Try our "pops" today!

Charleston Pops Signature Avocado Raspberry Coconut Cream Pop

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