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Locally Sourced. Locally Made. By Locals.

As residents of the Lowcountry, our desire is to partner with and support the local community. One way we do this is by sourcing all of our ingredients locally. What that means is that we buy our fruit, cream, coffee, tea, and other ingredients from local suppliers and vendors. We are so grateful to two of our largest local partners: Charleston Coffee Roasters and Charleston Tea Plantation.

Locally Sourced Coffee=Charleston Coffee Roasters

Can you taste the delicious Charleston Coffee Roasters Dark Roast in our most popular, Coffee Pop? How about their medium roast in our fall favorite, Pumpkin Spice Latte? Charleston Coffee Roasters mission is to "deliver to their customers the world’s finest coffees." We could not agree more! We love our partnership with Charleston Coffee Roasters~what a perfect pair! To learn more about Charleston Coffee Roasters visit

Locally Sourced Tea= Charleston Tea Plantation

We use the Charleston Tea Plantation's Earl Grey, Cinnamon Spice, and American Classic in a our variety of our pops. Did you know that their tea is the only tea in the world that is made exclusively with 100% tea grown in America?  The Charleston Tea Plantation sells nine very special flavors of tea, including its original American Classic Tea. Have you visited their plantation in Wadmalaw and done a tour? A must see! To learn more, visit

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